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Local Information

The conference will be held in the Blackett Laboratory (Department of Physics) of Imperial College London, located in the South Kensington campus. It is ideally situated in the heart of the museum and shopping districts and right beside Hyde Park, allowing you to make the most of your visit while at the symposium.

Welcome to Pasco 07

PASCOS-07 is the 13th in a series of interdisciplinary symposia on the interface of particle physics, string theory and cosmology. Since the first PASCOS symposium in 1991 it has become increasingly obvious how beneficial the interaction between these disciplines is. 
With the startup of LHC at hand, the launch date of the Planck satellite approaching and many other exciting experiments under way or being planned, PASCOS-07 will look into an exciting future. It will give theorists an opportunity to prepare for this wealth of new data and the stringent test to which they will subject the existing theories.
Image courtesy of CERN - (c) CERNThe aims of the conference are to review the recent progress in particle physics, string theory and cosmology, promote the exchange of ideas and discuss the future. While the conference is mainly aimed at theorists, there will be a significant experimental component, with discussion of new results and future experiments, in particular the LHC.

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International Advisory Committee

J. Bagger (Johns Hopkins)
P. Frampton (N. Carolina)
J. Gunion (UC Davis)
J.E. Kim (Seoul National)
P. Nath (Northeastern U)
D.P. Roy (TIFR, Mumbai)
S. Raby (OSU)
J. Silk (Oxford)
M.T. Vaughn (Northeastern U)
K.C. Wali (Syracuse)

Organising Committee

S.A. Abel (IPPP, Durham)
C.R. Contaldi
P.D. Dauncey
G.J. Davies
M.J. Duff
T.W.B. Kibble
A. Rajantie (chair)
R.J. Rivers
K.S. Stelle
H. Stoica
T. Wiseman

Supporting Organisations


Steven Abel (Durham IPPP)
Augusta Abrahamse (uc davis)
Andreas Albrecht (UC Davis)
Jean Alexandre (Kings College London)
Benjamin Allanach (University of Cambridge)
Stefan Antusch (MPI Munich)
Giuseppina Anzivino (University of Perugia and INFN)
Masato Arai (University of Helsinki and Helsinki Inst. Phys.)
Irina Arefeva (Steklov Mathematical Institute)
David Bailin (University of Sussex)
Myron Bander (University of California -- Irvine)
Michael Barnard (UC Davis)
Matthew Barrett (Brunel University)
Thorsten Battefeld (DAMTP Cambridge University)
Massimo Blasone (INFN and Universita di Salerno)
Andrew Blechman (University of Toronto)
J. Richard Bond (CITA)
silvio bonometto (dip. fisica g.occhialini, universita di Milano-Bicocca)
Leron Borsten (Imperial)
Salima Boudjemaa (University of Southampton)
Brandon Bozek (UC Davis)
Mark Brook (University of Nottingham)
Tobias Bruch (I Physical Institut,RWTH-Aachen)
Wilfried Buchmuller (DESY)
Volker Buescher (Universitaet Bonn)
Clare Burrage (DAMTP, Cambridge University)
Jonathan Butterworth (UCL)
Riccardo Catena (DESY)
Claudio Caviezel (Max-Planck-Institut for Physics, Munich)
Alex Chambers (Imperial College)
Sherrie Chatzkel (Olympic Medical Center)
Chan-Chi Chiou (Durham U)
Joseph Conlon (DAMTP, Cambridge)
Carlo Contaldi (Imperial College London)
Ed Copeland (Nottingham University)
Francois Corriveau (IPP / McGill University)
Daniel Cumberbatch (Oxford University)
Mirjam Cvetic (University of Pennsylvania)
Duminda Dahanayake (Imperial College London)
Paul Dauncey (Imperial College London)
Gavin Davies (Imperial College London)
Anne Davis (DAMTP, Cambridge University)
Stephen Davis (Lorentz Institute, Leiden University)
Claudia de Rham (McMaster/Perimeter Institute)
Gianfranca De Rosa (Universita` di Napoli Federico II)
Pierre-Philippe Dechant (Astrophysics Group, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University)
Thomas Dent (ITP, University of Heidelberg)
Marco Di Mauro (INFN - Salerno)
Tommaso Dorigo (INFN - sezione di Padova)
Peter Dornan (Imperial College)
Michael Duff (Imperial College London)
Damien Easson (Durham University)
Hajar Ebrahim Najafabadi (Imperial College London)
George Efstathiou (IoA, Cambridge)
John Ellis (CERN)
Motoi Endo (DESY)
Mboyo Esole (KU Leuven)
Bo Feng (Imperial College, London)
Tom Ferbel (Dept of Energy/Univ. of Rochester)
Alfredo Davide Ferella (RWTH-Aachen University)
Sergio Ferrara (CERN)
Luca Ferretti (SISSA/ISAS)
Filipe Freire (Univ Leiden/Univ Utrecht)
Carlos Frenk (Institute for Computational Cosmology, Durham University)
Laszlo Gergely (University of Szeged)
Steve Giddings (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Ulrich Goerlach (ULP IPHC)
Jinn-Ouk Gong (Harish-Chandra Research Institute)
Mark Goodsell (University of Durham)
Christopher Gordon (University of Oxford)
Steven Gratton (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University)
Eduardo Guendelman (Ben Gurion University)
Lawrence Hall (University of California, Berkeley)
Lisa Hall (University of Sheffield)
Stephen Hawking (University of Cambridge)
Choon-Lin Ho (Department of Physics, Tamkang University)
Jenny Hogan (Nature magazine)
Ron Horgan (University of Cambridge)
James Hough (University of Glasgow)
Stephan Huber (University of Sussex)
Faheem Hussain (School of Science and Engineering, Lahore University of Management Sciences)
Kazuhide Ichikawa (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo)
Alberto Iglesias (University of California Davis)
Yukinori Iwashita (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Ian Jack (University of Liverpool)
Steven Johnston (Imperial College London)
Girish Joshi (University Of Melbourne)
Liudmila Joukovskaya (Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, DAMTP, Cambridge)
Magd Elias KAHIL (Modern Sciences and Arts University)
Renata Kallosh (Stanford University)
Hsien-chung Kao (University of Durham (on leave from National Taiwan Normal University))
Vadim Kaplunovsky (University of Texas)
Masahiro Kawasaki (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo)
Tom Kibble (Imperial College London)
Jihn E. Kim (Seoul National University)
Simon Koers (max-planck-institut fuer physik)
Tomi Koivisto (Helsinki Institute of Physics)
Kazuya Koyama (ICG, University of Portsmouth)
Axel Krause (Arnold Sommerfeld Center, LMU Muenchen)
Gaetano Lambiase (Università di Salerno)
Morgan Le Delliou (CFTC, Lisbon university, Portugal)
Louis Leblond (Texas A&M University)
Jean-Luc Lehners (DAMTP, Cambridge)
Maghlaoui Leila (Physics Department)
Julien Lesgourgues (LAPTH (Annecy, France))
Andrei Linde (Stanford University)
Peter Litchfield (University of Minnesota)
Biagio Lucini (Swansea University)
Christoph Luedeling (Universitaet Heidelberg)
Katherine Mack (Princeton)
Muhammad Maher (Queen Mary, University of London)
Bienvenue Malumba (Université de Kinshasa (Faculté des Sciences - Département de Physique))
philip mannheim (university of connecticut)
Antonio Masiero (Univ. of Padua and INFN, Padua)
Shigeki Matsumoto (Tokoku University)
Giorgio Matthiae (University of Roma Tor Vergata)
Larry McLerran (Brookhaven national Lab)
Dhagash Mehta (Imperial College London)
Noppadol Mekareeya (University of Cambridge)
Zeeya Merali (New Scientist)
Laura Mersini-Houghton (University of North Carolina)
Ian Moss (Newcastle University)
Gilbert Moultaka (LPTA-Montpellier)
Tuomas Multamäki (University of Turku)
Minoru Nagai (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research (ICRR))
Tatsuya Nakada (CERN and EPFL)
Kazunori Nakayama (University of Tokyo, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research)
Horatiu Nastase (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Siew Phang Ng (University Of Toronto )
Gustavo Niz (Nottingham)
Eoin O Colgain (
Gonzalo Palma (DESY, Hamburg)
Eran Palti (Oxford University)
Farrin Payandeh (Amir Kabir U. of Technology)
Paniez Paykari (Imperial College London)
Iain Peddie (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
Hiranya Peiris (University of Chicago)
Lydia Philpott (Imperial College)
Wlodzimierz Piechocki (Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies)
Christopher Pope (Texas A&M University)
Poulose Poulose (University of Southampton)
Andrea Quadri (Dip. di Fisica - Università di Milano)
Arttu Rajantie (Imperial College London)
Vappu Reijonen (Helsinki Institute of Physics)
Adam Ritz (University of Victoria)
Ray Rivers (Imperial College London)
Nikoleta Rizopoulou (Imperial College)
Graham Ross (University of Oxford)
Paul Saffin (Nottingham University)
Gerard Sajot (LPSC Grenoble Universite Joseph Fourier)
Petja Salmi (Leiden University)
Jonas Schmidt (DESY Hamburg)
Kai Schmidt-Hoberg (DESY Theory)
Uros Seljak (University of Zurich)
Masato Senami (ICRR, University of Tokyo)
Sarah Shandera (Columbia University, ISCAP)
Alexander Shirokov (CITA)
Joseph Silk (University of Oxford)
Nigel Smith (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
Paul Smyth (K.U. Leuven)
Dam Son (University of Washington)
Rafael Sorkin (Syracuse University)
Kepa Sousa (Lorentz Institute (Leiden University))
Kelly Stelle (Imperial College London)
Steffen Stern (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Heidelberg)
Florea Horatiu Stoica (Imperial College London)
Gerard t Hooft (Utrecht University)
Fuminobu Takahashi (DESY)
Ana M. Teixeira (LPT-Orsay)
Steven Thomas (Queen Mary, University of London)
Andrew Tolley (Perimeter Institute)
Joseph Towe (The Antelope Valley College)
Neil Turok (University of Cambridge)
Henry Tye (Cornell University)
Yoshi Uchida (Imperial College London)
Bret Underwood (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Thomas Underwood (University of Durham)
Carsten van de Bruck (University of Sheffield)
Oscar Varela (Imperial)
Yosef Verbin (The Open University of Israel)
Tejinder Virdee (CERN and Imperila College)
Giuseppe VITIELLO (University of Salerno)
Raymond Volkas (The University of Melbourne)
Daniel Waldram (Imperial College London)
Kameshwar C Wali (Syracuse University)
Lingyu Wang (Imperial College London)
Matthias Wapler (Perimeter Institute)
David Wark (Imperial College)
Morgan Wascko (Imperial College London)
David Weir (Imperial College London)
Toby Wiseman (Imperial)
Dai Yamazaki (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
Motohiko Yoshimura (Okayama University)
Andrea Zanzi (University of Bonn)
Houri Ziaeepour (Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London)